Your dashboard warning lights are the closest your car can get to telling you something’s wrong.  Dash warning lights have a traffic light colour code.  Green lights are for informational purposes, amber lights need you to take action but not straight away and red lights need your immediate attention.

The Engine Management Light (also known as the Check Engine Light or Malfunction Indicator Light) is one of the trickier dashboard warning lights to interpret.
Although Engine Management Lights usually flash amber, it’s important not to ignore it or you could risk your safety and damage to your car.

What is The Engine Management Light?
Your engine management light alerts you that your engine function is impaired in some way.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you any more specific information to go on.

SRC Automotiv will be able to diagnose the problem by plugging in a machine that interprets the error code from your car’s computer.

Even this doesn’t give the complete picture of what’s wrong with the engine, it simply tells the mechanic the location of the sensor that registered the error, which in turn tells them where to look.

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